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Landscape Architecture and Design
We offer computer drawn landscape design services. Due to the variety of project types, sizes and scope of work to be preformed we must come out and see your project in person to give you an accurate bid on your project. Prices vary per design project so please contact us for pricing.

  • Landscape Concept Plans
  • Master Planning
  • Construction Document Packages

Sometimes you do not want or need a landscape plan or you may already have one. We will come out to your project site and evaluate your ideas or design and give you suggestions on what other elements could be introduced into the landscape that would greatly enhance your outdoor living space based on the unique characteristics of your site, give you plant suggestions, and help you identify problematic areas and their possible solutions. The price for this service is $150/hr. up to 1.5 hrs, $75/add. hour

Contract Drafting & Design
If your company doesn’t want to take on the extra expense and responsibility of hiring a new employee or if you are under a crunch and need an extra hand completing a design package. Use one of our reliable professionals to help you out! Prices can be billed at an agreeable $/hr. rate or lump sum fee per design depending on your specific needs.

Other Services Offered
Prices for these services will be billed at a $/hr. rate.

  • Project Management
  • Plant Nursery trips with Client
  • Photoshop Enhancements/Renderings
  • Renderings & Plan Color Ups
  • 3D Modeling
  • HOA & City/County Approvals & Permitting